About the Madhusudan Law University

Madhusudan Law University formerly known as the M.S. Law College was the oldest Law College of Odisha and have honour to produce Chief Justices of India, Judges of Supreme Court of India and Chief Justices/Judges of High Courts. The University is situated at Municipal Colony adjacent to Railway Station in Cuttack city. Madhusudan Law University offers Five Year Integrated B.A.LL.B. (Hons), Three Year LL.B, LL.M course and Ph.D. Programme. The University is named after a great leader Madhusudan Das. He was also the first graduate and first advocate of Odisha. He is also known as Kula bruddha (Grand Old Man), Madhu Babu and Utkal Gouraba (Pride of Utkal). In Odisha his birthday is celebrated as Lawyer’s Day.

The Madhusudan Law University has been established on the birth anniversary of Madhusudan Das on 28th April, 2021. The University started its official functioning on the same day, under the guidance and vision of the founding vice chancellor Prof. (Dr.) Kamal Jeet Singh. From 28th April, 2021 all government and private law colleges of Odisha, other than constituent law college of universities will be affiliated with Madhusudan Law University Cuttack. Right now, the Madhusudan Law University is housed in the same campus which was earlier known as erstwhile Madhusudan Law College, Cuttack. The administration of the University has plans to expand its campus and the construction work of two Academic Blocks (one at Jobra) is in full Swing. During the short span of one year Madhusudan Law University has constructed fully air conditioned Class rooms, Administrative Block & Library and has also plans to provides Hostels, Auditorium, Gymnasium, Health Centre, Sports Area & Residential Area etc.

Vision of the University

The vision of Madhusudan Law University is to build and establish a University for the development and advancement of the justice oriented legal education and for the purposes of imparting specialized and systematic teaching, training and research in a system of law and for the matters connected therewith or incidental therewith. We aim to impart legal education which not only helps in the development of an individual but also subsequently development and growth of the nation. The University aims to provide the students and scholars with environment and education which is beyond the class-rooms and train them as professionals where they will be valued for their specialized skill, knowledge and for their ability to interconnect, provide and find solutions and explore new dimensions in their respective areas. We aim to motivate the students of the Madhusudan Law University, firstly as responsible citizens and then well-known jurists, academicians, lawyers, Judges, leaders,  thinkers and politicians, who are not only sensitive about their own wellbeing but also about the society and community at large and like Jim Rohn saidsaid

“The challenge of leadership is to,

Be strong, but not rude;

Be kind, but not weak;

Be bold, but not bully;

Be thoughtful, but not lazy;

Be humble, but not timid;

Be proud, but not arrogant;

Have humour, but without folly,”

and to mould our students into such compassionate individuals.

We believe in our students, their ideas, their interests and the potential that each of our student have to achieve their dreams. To accomplish this, we aim to nurture the overall thinking and provide a conducive environment to our students so as to give them freedom of expression which will help them develop a thirst for knowledge. This will be achieved through excellence of our motivated faculty and state-of-the-art facilities. I would like to quote Napoleon Hill here “The way of success is the way of continuous pursuit of knowledge.” this becomes a stepping stone in our student’s life. We believe in the overall development of individuals so that they can become great professionals tomorrow. To achieve this, we aim at establishing extra-curricular activities which will include inter university/ college, national/ international moot court competitions, seminars, workshops, symposium, internship opportunities, etc. Here I would like to encourage our students in the words of Jim Rohn

 “Don’t wish it was easier wish you were better.

  Don’t wish for less problems wish for more skills.

  Don’t wish for less challenge wish for more wisdom.”


As the vice-chancellor of the University, promises to the People of Odisha, that I shall strive with my earnest, sincere, honest and focused efforts to build the Madhusudan Law University as one of the best temple of legal learning in India and Odisha in particular and to spread the wings of the University not only in India but internationally as well, in the coming years.

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Prof. (Dr.) Kamal Jeet Singh